Sunday, 7 October 2012

Smokey Eyes

Hello Ladies,

So Smokey Eyes are probably the most popular make-up look of all. Everyone loves the smokey eye look, which is perfect for an evening or bridal as it looks amazing in wedding photos!

This look can work on anyone and is the perfect way to transform from day to night.

Normally if you go for a really strong smokey eye i would recommend toning down the lips, as your main focus will definitely be your eyes! If you play up both areas it can look a bit over the top.

Here are some perfect examples :)

Cheryl Cole has got a very strong Smokey look here that makes her eyes look amazing.

Jessica Alba has gone quite strong with her Smokey Eyes too but the rest of her make-up is very subtle.

Kim K has highlighted the inner corners of her eyes which really brings out the look.

Eva Longoria has quite small eyes but still manages to pull off the Smokey look.
Charlize Theron is very fair skinned but can still go for a Smokey look and she looks effortlessly beautiful.
Now ladies you would not wear make-up like this yourself for every day use, but emphasising both the eyes and lips looks perfect for catwalk!
I love a Smokey Eye look now and again :)
If there are any questions about applying the smokey eye look yourself please email me at :)
x Lipstick Girl x

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