Monday, 15 October 2012

Get the Miranda Kerr Look

Hello ladies,

Miranda Kerr always looks fresh and glowing, what ever her make-up style.

Her personal make-up artist Alison Boyle says that luminous is the key word with Miranda's make-up which means sheer foundation is a must to give her the perfect glow.

Miranda has amazing eyes so Alison trys to use them as the main feature most of the time, using black eye liner inside the eye in the evening and nude rather than white eye liner for a daytime look, which really makes her eyes stand out.

She also uses bronzer to contour Miranda's cheeks to give her a healthy glow and also occasionally uses a bit of peach or pale pink blush.

Miranda has amazing olive skin and Alison says that Miranda likes a red lip stain on her lips which is great for summer or winter and looks amazing with her exotic skin tone.

Here are some great examples of Miranda's look :)

Have fun trying out the Miranda Kerr look :)
x Lipstick Girl x

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month ladies. This is a chance for us to do our bit.

The number of people who are diagnosed with breast cancer is on the increase, but the good news is survival rates are improving. This is because of more targeted treatments, earlier detection and better breast awareness!

So for one day this month or more wear pink lipstick! To show we are all fighting against breast cancer!

Think Pink!

x Lipstick Girl x

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Smokey Eyes

Hello Ladies,

So Smokey Eyes are probably the most popular make-up look of all. Everyone loves the smokey eye look, which is perfect for an evening or bridal as it looks amazing in wedding photos!

This look can work on anyone and is the perfect way to transform from day to night.

Normally if you go for a really strong smokey eye i would recommend toning down the lips, as your main focus will definitely be your eyes! If you play up both areas it can look a bit over the top.

Here are some perfect examples :)

Cheryl Cole has got a very strong Smokey look here that makes her eyes look amazing.

Jessica Alba has gone quite strong with her Smokey Eyes too but the rest of her make-up is very subtle.

Kim K has highlighted the inner corners of her eyes which really brings out the look.

Eva Longoria has quite small eyes but still manages to pull off the Smokey look.
Charlize Theron is very fair skinned but can still go for a Smokey look and she looks effortlessly beautiful.
Now ladies you would not wear make-up like this yourself for every day use, but emphasising both the eyes and lips looks perfect for catwalk!
I love a Smokey Eye look now and again :)
If there are any questions about applying the smokey eye look yourself please email me at :)
x Lipstick Girl x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Bare Faced Beauty

Ok ladies so most of us don't like being seen without make-up or think that we need make-up to make us beautiful.

But make-up is just something to emphasise what we already have. I love make-up, all the different trends etc but being bare faced can be the truest beauty of all :)

Here are some celebrity examples :)

All naturally beautiful WITHOUT make-up :)
Here i am bare faced!
Embrace your natural beauty ladies and remember make-up, how ever amazing it is, is emphasising what is already there :)
x Lipstick Girl x

Monday, 1 October 2012

Jessica Alba

Hello Ladies,

So we all have our beauty crushes and mine has to be Jessica Alba!

Jessica Alba is my all time favourite beauty crush. She can pull off every make-up look there is, as she is a naturally beautiful woman and gives alot of inspriation to others. Whether its a completely natural look or full on smokey eyes.

She never seems to have a bad day even when shes just walking down the street she still looks effortlessly beautiful.

So here she is :)

Jessica trys out blue and yellow eye shadow and it works!

She doesnt look like she is wearing any make-up and still looks beautiful and has a fresh glow.

The glam look with black eye-liner and bright red lips.

Fresh look with natural pink tones.

The red lips are definitely making a statement here and shes gone metallic on the eyes.

The popular smokey eyes and nude lips, gorgeous!
I like to go abit more natural with my make-up sometimes too :)
Definitely try out some of these looks ladies! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at :)
x Lipstick Girl x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Orange Lipstick

Even though we are steadily going into autumn i am still seeing orange lipstick.

At the Fashion Weeks, On Celebrities and Street Style.

Everyone knows there is no better way to brighten their make-up than with a splash of colour and bright orange lipstick will certainly do the trick.

Not everyone would think it would suit them but try it and see what you think, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Go ahead and wear it for the autumn it will certainly make it feel brighter!

Please take a look at these :)

I love orange lipstick and any chance i get to wear it i do :)
x Lipstick Girl x

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Big Eyes

Well i bet your probably thinking of the same person i am when i mention big eyes?

Mila Kunis! Stunning girl with beautiful big eyes. Some girls really struggle to know what eye make-up to wear with big eyes but the truth is you can pretty much get away with most looks.

Here are some examples from Mila :)

Strong eyeliner she can carry off and it still makes her eyes look big!

Natural glow

Hint of smokey

Suttle then strong every look immaculate
Have fun trying out these looks :)
x Lipstick Girl x